Monday, April 25, 2011

Discussing HCG Weight Loss and Its Value

by Steve Searls

In recent times, aspiring weight losers as well as some medical experts have been spending more time discussing HCG weight loss. Scientifically HCG stands for human chorionic gonadotropin, which is a naturally produced hormone that is commonly found in the bodies of pregnant women during the early pregnancy stages.

When a small amount of HCG is combined with a low calorie diet, it can cause a person’s body to metabolize which some say is ideal for anyone who seriously wants to lose weight. As a result of this process, HCG will also cause the body to use abnormal fat, process it and then reset the hypothalamus.

Theoretically, a person who diets and uses HCG will be able to go back to her normal consumption and, as long as the person sticks to healthy limits (no post-diet overeating), she will be able to keep the weight off for some time. It is reported that if a dieter precisely follows the HCG diet procedure, he or she can lose an average of one to two and a half pounds per day.

The scientific process of HCG weight loss goes like this – a tiny amount of HCG is sufficient to disconnect mobile fat from the person’s body, burn it and then discharge the excess fat through the kidneys. At the same time, the fatty acids separate from the fat cells which is the result of HCG’s ability to open fat cell membranes.

While weight loss is often perceived to have a weakening process on the human body, the HCG diet does not compromise strength and there are those who practiced it that claimed to remain energetic. Because of this, some people who are conscious over their weight find the HCG diet ideal for their needs.

The man behind the creation and formulation of the HCG diet is Dr. A.T.W. Simeons. Thanks to his work, HCG is the only weight loss procedure that specifically allows a person to get rid of unwanted fat while still retaining the normal fat, as well as having lean body mass. Thousands around the world who practiced the HCG diet are able to enjoy consuming good food without worrying about weight gain or fat buildup.

More historical details of the HCG weight loss program can be found in Dr. Simeons’ book entitled Pounds and Inches, which is currently available in major online book sellers as well as bookstores around the nation.